Our mission is to become the world’s most intelligent and connected food platform, helping people live happier lives through better food decisions.

Our platform is highly sophisticated and we own lots of unique data, all mapped onto our Food Genome™ (a detailed food ontology). Our algorithms are informed through:

User Preferences: Users save their preferences in Whisk

Content Interaction: Whisk tracks user’s interactions with recipe content.

Context: Whisk combines retail data (e.g. deals), food trend data, weather data and more to understand a user’s context.

Users can interact with Whisk in different places:



Explore personalised recommendations, save and shop recipes

Connected content

Use Whisk on third-party recipe sites to save and shop content. View the list here.

Connected retailers

Purchase shopping lists via grocery e-commerce integrations


The Food Genome™ + Machine Learning

Whisk has mapped food relationships and nutrition, price, flavour and other properties. We automatically parse content into structured data linked to this Food Genome using modern Machine Learning techniques that are highly scalable by content.

Unique Proprietary Data

Whisk holds incredible amounts of structured data about content. Whisk also holds data on how users interact with this data, allowing us to serve personalized food recommendations. Our realtime stream processing engines allow Whisk to instantaneously analyse data as it comes to our system (recipe data, clickstream, etc.).

View our API

The Whisk Food Genome

Whisk believes that people have a unique relationship with food — each with a distinct palette of individual tastes and food preferences. To map these individual relationships, we have created the Food Genome — an instinctive platform that identifies ingredients and how their properties link to chemical flavour compounds, nutrition, perishability, value, availability and ultimately, to product purchase.

Our aim is to identify key behavioural patterns between different ingredients to present users with recommendations of recipes and complementary products they will love.