Plug in Whisk’s APIs to supercharge your technology and business

Whatever your food challenge, Whisk APIs can help you create new, custom, and engaging experiences.  We make it easy to expand your technology to create smart, AI-powered food and grocery shopping solutions.

From the Schwartz ChatBot to our white label cookbook why built it yourself when we already have?

Some of our APIs

Whisk has many different APIs powering experiences seen by hundreds of millions of people on a monthly basis. We also extend our technology and work with select partners for use cases that we don’t already cover.

Shopping List API
  • Universal shopping lists
  • Categorise items in a shopping list

Store API
  • Store item Inventory based on geography
  • Store deals
  • Authenticate users with stores and fill baskets

Recipe API
  • Return structured recipe content
  • Parse recipe ingredients for recipes or individual ingredients
  • Recipe meta data including tags, nutrition, flavour etc.

Personalisation API

Based on user preferences and signals:

  • Personalised recipes
  • Personalised store item choices
  • Other personalisation within food

Recommendation API
  • Recipe pairing
  • Wine Pairing
  • Beer Pairing

How it works

Set us a challenge. We work with your teams to find the best solution

We build what you need whether it’s an API or fully branded front end experience

Together we use analytics to optimise experiences

Success stories

Schwartz Recipe ChatBot

Schwartz wanted to inspire more people to cook. We delivered this cool little chatbot to entertain facebook foodies.

Global Grocer’s Recipe API

A major grocer data struggled to match ingredients to their eComm site so we built an API to do it for them.

AB InBev

Together we use analytics to optimise beer and food pairing algorithms