WhiskAds shopper marketing is 10x more engaging than a standard display ad.

Whisk Ads shopper marketing offers an AI targeted, native ad unit that appears throughout the shopper journey triggering a million store actions per year.

They are 10x more engaging than standard display ads, given advertisers the ability to influence purchase behaviour of 100 million monthly recipe viewers

Whisk Shopper Marketing engages throughout the path to purchase

From recipe ingredients to shopping cart or store list, highly targeted products and messaging follow the consumer through the path to purchase, from ingredients to shopping list or cart.

Contextually Targeted Native ad

Appears next to an item or at the bottom of the recipe list

Transferred to final store list

Whisk Shopper Ads drive sales from the world’s biggest recipe publishers to the world’s biggest grocers

See how it all works

Two types of Whisk Shopper Ads

Complementary Item

Target and advertise on specific recipes or types of recipes that complement your product across all recipes within Whisk’s publisher network.

Sponsored Ingredient

Target and advertise on recipes that require your product, across all recipes within Whisk’s publisher network.