Connect millions of online shoppers with your store & products

Influence Whisk’s 20m recipe viewers as they decide what to buy and where to shop. Leverage Whisk technology to transform your content and personalise experiences, making inspiration shoppable and increasing engagement and loyalty.

Tools for Retailers

Shopping List Integration

Get your fair share of Whisk’s high value shoppers with our super simple integration.

Shopper Ads

Hyper target offers & ads where people plan meals with our native shopper marketing ads and follow them to fixture.

Data & Insights

Whisk’s Food Genome makes it simple to restructure, tag and enhance your content with powerful logic and parsing.

Whisk provides the simplest integration experience possible

Whisk Retailer Integrations make it easier than you’d imagine to access 20m engaged recipe shoppers every month.

Our advanced Food Genome™ AI technology and API integrations make it the simplest Plug & Play experience there is.

The proof of the pudding…

Global Grocery Giant

Powering mobile apps and shoppable content across apps & platforms.

Aldi Super Six Campaign

Targeting promoted fruit & veg in relevant recipes drives footfall

Showcase your store on leading recipe sites

Whisk is integrated with 500,000 recipes and 50+ million monthly impressions. Whisk is fully featured across the web’s leading recipe publishers and growing fast.

Plug-and-play technology

Whisk maps ingredients to 250,000 store items, giving shoppers a streamlined path from recipe inspiration to food purchase.