Grow brand ROI and sales with Whisk

Brands use Whisk to connect branded content & recipes to shopping lists. Drive loyalty & grow brand ROI with targeted, native ads across the world’s biggest recipe sites.

Tools for Brands

Shopping List

Connect recipe content to online and offline shopping lists and carts

Bespoke Apps & APIs

Our Food Genome™ can power any personalised brand experience from Chatbots to cookbooks

Shopper Ads

Hyper target offers & ads in relevant content using our AI targeted native shopper marketing ads.

The proof of the pudding…

McCormick connects content to cart with seamless integration


McCormick drives loyalty by sending thousands of shoppers to Whisk internationally

Schwartz Recipe Bot

Powering the intuitive Schwartz recipe chatbot on the Messenger Platform.

Schwartz partnership with IRI delivered compelling proof of WhiskAds ROI

Schwartz ROI

Schwartz needed hard proof that Whisk ads delivered great ROI – with IRI’s help, we found it.

For brands with recipes sites

  • Manage which products show up from retailers
  • Connect your off-site activity to a shopping list