Add any recipe to your shopping list with a click

You can turn any recipe into a Whisk shopping list with a single click. Simply add a recipe into your Whisk cookbook and the recipe will be made instantly shoppable.

You can also find “Create a smart shopping list” buttons on hundreds of thousands of leading recipes online through our partners,, FoodNetwork, DeliciousMagazine, GoodToKnow and more.


Organize your list by aisle to save time

Your shopping list can be organized into common grocery store categories using the Recipe / Category toggle.

With all of your items conveniently sorted aisle-by-aisle, you can reduce total time spent shopping time by a third! Over a year, that’s a full day you get back to spend doing something more fun than food shopping.


Access your shopping list on the go

You can log into Whisk from any device to access your saved shopping lists. With your list on your phone on tablet, you can easily tick items off as you shop.

Say goodbye to your paper shopping list!

(Or, if you just really love paper lists, you can still print your list and take it to the store).


Shop at online grocery stores quickly

Whisk integrates with online grocery stores seamlessly to make shopping online easy. When you want to buy groceries online, Whisk automatically matches up items on your shopping list with store products, using the preferences in your personal taste profile to make the best product selections. Whisk also finds product offers and coupons at these stores to help you save money.

Whisk has online grocery integrations with: