We think that one of the most exciting innovations happening in food is fueled by personalisation and recommendations that help people make smarter, better informed choices about the food they purchase and prepare.

Whisk uses natural language processing to analyse hundreds of thousands of recipes and link them to our Food Genome™. Using this technology, we examine the flavour profile of dishes, nutritional value, relationships between ingredients, and how food is cooked. This gives Whisk the ability to make smart recipe suggestions based upon an individual’s palette, taking into consideration allergies and dietary preferences.

Delicious discoveries

There are obvious advantages to this kind of personalisation for users. It helps people discover ingredients and dishes they will love. A further advantage is the ability to tackle food wastage at the source — the shopping basket. Whisk can suggest what to do with leftover items in the fridge or cupboard, by offering thousands of ideas about what could be combined with to create a new meal. This should help to reduce the 4.2 million tons of food thrown away every year and save families money in the process.

Currently, most people find out about new recipes by watching television chefs, reading cookbooks or learning from friends and family. They’re in much the same position that music fans were ten or fifteen years ago. But through technology advancements delivered along the lines of Amazon’s “People who bought this product also bought…” and personalization capabilities, we collectively gain intelligence and discover new interests that match with our own unique tastes.

To explore possible revolutions in food, and in particular the impact that technology will have on food, a good analogy might be to look at the way technology has impacted the world of music. In a pre-Internet world, people discovered new music from trusted friends and family, hearing songs on the radio, or reading magazine articles. Then, with the advent of streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, people could suddenly receive personalized suggestions about music they might enjoy based on what they’ve been listening to.

Personalization: Getting better all the time

Simply put — technology and data help us intelligently recommend and lead people to delicious discoveries.

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