Make your content shoppable on any platform

Make your content shoppable on any platform



Easy to integrate on any channel


Fully transactional shopping list integrated anywhere


Retailer and channel agnostic


Capture both offline and online shoppers to maximise engagement and purchases.

WhiskConnect makes content shoppable. Instantly.

Link display advertising on any platform

Direct all clicks through to a WhiskConnect URL, which presents an interactive and transactional shopping list.

Link video content through to purchase

Using YouTube’s annotation feature, WhiskConnect opens an e-commerce shopping list on any page.

Activate eCommerce on Social Media

Link social media content to an e-commerce shopping list.


Monitor engagement with real-time analytics

  • Optimise campaigns in real time
  • Track best-performing recipes and products
  • Profile users based on basket content, shopping habits and demographics

More Features

  • Track using third party pixel packages
  • Add recipes or individual items
  • Works globally in 6 languages and 11 countries

See the WhiskConnect FAQ for additional details.

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