Add shopping lists to your site

Add shopping lists to your site

Add Whisk’s “Create a shopping list” button to your recipe content and give your users a seamless path to grocery purchase. Integration is quick and easy, just add one line of code.



Whisk recipe buttons

Allows users to turn your recipes into shopping lists or save recipes to their online cookbook.


Shopping list

Slides onto the screen without visitors leaving your page


Online & offline shopping

Users can purchase via online supermarkets, view it on their mobile device while they shop, or print and email the list.


  • Works for recipes or product.
  • Supports different paths to purchase — online and offline. Print, email, sync list to phone or purchase at one of Whisk’s online supermarket integrations.
  • Shoppers can organise list by aisle or category.
  • Aggregates items across recipes and across different publishers.
  • Free and simple to integrate.
  • Whisk automatically syncs the lists across devices when a user uses multiple.
  • Supported by ecosystem of tools — Whisk has phone apps (iPhone and Android and browser plugins).
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Free and simple to integrate

By adding a single piece of code into your site template, Whisk’s “Create a smart shopping list” buttons are seamlessly embedded across recipe content. Our technology automatically parses your recipe content.

Integration Instructions


Publisher Revenue Share

WhiskAds is a unique advertising platform that inserts relevant ads into recipes. Adverts can be sold by publishers and Whisk.

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WhiskConnect allows shoppers to add items directly to their list from advertisements. This service can be sold by publishers as an add-on.

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“The world’s largest digital recipe brand, Allrecipes is pleased to partner with Whisk to provide home cooks with practical solutions for everyday meals, and to enable brands to engage with consumers throughout the path to purchase.”

Patricia Lee Smith
Vice President, Allrecipes International

“Whisk’s solutions allow our advertising partners to engage with users in their shopping journey, opening up new revenue streams for Food Network UK.”


Kate Bradshaw
VP Digital UK & EMEA, Scripps Networks International

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